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An Attitude Of Gratitude


Someone has said, “Show me a positive person and I’ll show you a thankful person!”  Thankfulness and gratitude are key ingredients to living life as God intended us to live it.  It’s so easy to allow our minds to be consumed with what we don’t like, what we wish we had, and what’s going wrong.  [...]

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Achieving Greatness


Do you desire greatness?  This question may appear to be prideful and unspiritual.  It’s interesting to consider that in the Bible, God not only indicates He wants us to achieve greatness but He also tells us how to get it.  In Matthew 18:4 Jesus said, “Whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest [...]

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Defeating The Enemy of Stress


In the Old Testament we read about God’s people fighting against human foes.  These foes were enemies of the work of God who would seek to bring a halt to what God was doing.  While the New Testament tells us we’re no longer to fight against people, we do still have other enemies that try [...]

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