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Trading Places


You may have seen or heard about the movie “Trading Places”, where a financially poor street hustler trades places with a wealthy and successful businessman.  While this is only an imaginary scenario that sets the stage for laughs, there is a similar truth from the Bible that can drastically change our lives: Jesus has traded [...]

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The Relevance Of Christmas


There are many practical applications we find that can help our lives as we read the biblical account of the Christmas story.  One is found in the first chapter of Luke, when the angel Gabriel appears to Mary to tell her that she will be giving birth to the Son of God.  Mary’s response in [...]

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A New Direction


If you had total control over your future, what kind of future would you choose for your life?  It would seem we all would choose to have a future that is bright, hopeful, and full of good things.  The truth is: none of us knows exactly what tomorrow holds and none of us is in [...]

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God Never Changes


One of the greatest aspects of God is His unchangeableness.  We’ve all known people who we trusted one day and who then turned on us the next day.  Right now we’re in the midst of an economy that is unstable and changing every day.  The weather will change, our health will change, our relationships will [...]

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