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Let’s Do It Again!


This week in America we celebrate Thanksgiving Day.  Most of us will gather with family & friends, eat a lot, probably watch some football…& then eat some more.  At the end of the day many will think, “I shouldn’t have eaten so much!”  But then we’ll do it all again next year.  It’s an annual [...]

Let’s Do It Again!2013-11-25T08:30:12-08:00

It’s A Given


There’s one sure-fire thing I can guarantee will happen if you live on planet earth: You’ll face challenges!  You may have already figured this out.  Life’s stresses & pressures are unavoidable.  Facing challenge is a given for all of us.  The big question is: How will you face the troubles that come your way? In [...]

It’s A Given2013-11-11T05:20:42-08:00