Family Matters

In this series, Pastor Casey and Wendy Treat talk about family matters, because family does matter! If we want to be truly satisfied and happy in our relationships, we have to trust God and follow His plan for lasting, fulfilling and life giving relationships. Whatever role you play in the lives around  you, you will receive something special from these teachings to help you rise to a higher level in your relationships.

I Love This Thing Called Parenting

Parenting is a wonderful journey and high calling…a job to be fulfilled by courageous men and women – YOU! It really is possible to raise godly children in today’s world. Fear, worry and doubt can be overcome and exchanged for confidence in your parenting skills.

Through the knowledge and wisdom you gain from this book, you will acquire a greater understanding and confidence of how to successfully raise your children. Wendy Treat brings almost 40 years of ministry experience, plus over 30 years of hands-on training as a parent, with principles that are tried and true.