Healing The Orphaned Heart:

As you allow your heart to be healed and made whole you will break the negative cycles such as short-term relationships, debt, and marriage and family problems. Make a decision today to have a whole, healthy, healed heart.

The Code to a Whole Heart:

  • Discover the characteristics of an “orphan’s heart” and how each one of us suffer from abandonment that can only be truly restored through Jesus.
  • Five major issues that break your heart and the five ways to bring healing and strength to a broken heart.
  • The power of having a whole heart is filled with the Holy Spirit – learning to unlock the anointing that is within you.
  • The secret code that God has revealed to you that brings total transformation.

Regardless of the brokenness, hardness, or weakness of your heart, God is greater!  You will be blessed and changed by this life-giving series on The Code to a Whole Heart