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Get “The Journey – Purpose, Destiny, Vision” and “Your Unlimited Life – Breaking Habits That Hold You Back” together for a special price.

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The Journey

Life is a journey and our Christian faith is a long walk with God. Have you ever tuned out what you later discovered was the voice of God leading you towards your destiny? The good news is your journey is not over and God has a great destiny for your life. This series is for you. Wherever you find yourself on this journey of life, Pastor Casey’s practical and insightful teaching will help you face the next big step in your journey. God does not define us by one goal, purpose, or accomplishment. His renewal is not an achievement, but a process. His salvation is not an end, but a beginning. Life is not a destination…. It’s a journey.

Your Unlimited Life

Have you ever though about your life and how you got to the point you are at now?  It’s a critical question, because the way you think is the way you live.  Your thoughts and habits are what control your life!  What kind of life do you want for you and your family?

In this book you will learn how you can have Your Unlimited Life.  Renewal is a process of awareness, repentance, growing and changing.  Only when you renew your mind, your thoughts and your behaviors, will you be able to have an unlimited life.

Your Unlimited Life will teach you practical, daily steps to recognize negative habits, break those habits and how to build new ones that will bring positive and lasting changes.  You can do it!

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