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Who Is Your Consultant?


We all consult someone or something when making decisions.  The word “consult” means to seek the advice or opinion of.  When it comes to making decisions about your commitment to God, direction for your life, church involvement, family, finances, relationships, career, and anything else, whose advice and opinion are you seeking. So often people make [...]

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Difficult But Well Worth The Effort


Marriage.  It’s the most important and intimate relationship any of us can have with another human being.  Someone once said marriage can be the closest thing to heaven on earth or the closest thing to hell on earth, and sometimes it can be both on the same day!  Those of us that are married have [...]

Difficult But Well Worth The Effort2017-09-28T16:14:38-07:00

Access To The Almighty


When Jesus sacrificed His life for us, one of the greatest things He accomplished was giving us complete and total access to our Heavenly Father.  Jesus paid the price to remove the wall of sin that stood between the Creator and His creation.  Those of us who have accepted the sacrifice Christ made can now [...]

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Dying To Live


It seems our society is searching extremely hard to find fulfillment out of life.  All of the glitz the world offers – ungodly sexual pleasures, money, fame, power, and so much more – actually produce a lack of fulfillment.  The person who searches these means to find satisfaction will only find themselves wanting more and [...]

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