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Living Blind


What are you fighting for? Is it for the things of God or is it for your own opinions or culture or the things of this world?

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Living Blind


I’m right now in the middle of teaching a series of lessons on Sunday morning called “Living Blind.” This series focuses on living life based on our faith in God, not on our five senses. As I’ve been studying and preparing for this series, I’m once again reminded of the absolute necessity of regularly growing [...]

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Living Blind


Stop trusting things that will get you lost, depressed or addicted. Start trusting God who will bring you to the place you really want to be.

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Living Blind


Living blind means being blind to what is wrong, and what is negative and seeing what is positive and what helps us.

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Easter Sunday at Christian Faith Center celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Good Friday


Christian Faith Center's Good Friday service remembering the death of Jesus Christ.

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