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God Where Are You


The negatives in your world may never change but you can rise above them.

God Where Are You2015-05-30T22:00:00-07:00

God Where Are You


Jesus' grace is enough for you. No matter what you have gone through, Christ's grace is enough to cover it.

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God, Where Are You?


You’ve asked it. I’ve asked it. Every one of us at some point has thought it to ourselves or possibly shouted it out loud. It’s been asked by every generation before us and will continue to be asked by every generation to follow. The question consists of four simple words that we so often haven’t [...]

God, Where Are You?2017-09-28T16:14:06-07:00

God Where Are You


The earth is under a curse. Terrible things will happen to some of us. That's not all there is to our life. It may be a moment in our life but these things don't compare to the glory that shall be revealed in the eternal life that God has planned for us.

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Living Blind


How are we seeing things? Are we seeing the plank in our eye before we are seeing the speck in other people?

Living Blind2015-05-02T22:00:00-07:00