September 21st – May 31st

Are you ready to accelerate your faith and Biblical foundation? Do you want to grow in your knowledge and understanding of the Bible? This is for full-time ministry training or to create a strong foundation to take your faith into your current career or secular environment.

CF-F is your opportunity to strengthen your foundation in God’s Word and in the life of ministry. This program will enable you to participate in college-level learning on topics like New Testament Survey, Spiritual Disciplines, Theology, Purpose and Calling, and more. This program prepares people with sound theological doctrine and practical application to do the work of the 5-fold ministry.

Apply today and take this step for your future.

CFF Elements

Teaching Element

Educational foundation for ministry life

Training for full-time ministry

Classroom setting

Quarterly class structure running 2 topics per quarter

Practical Element

Hands-on ministry training

Application from head knowledge to live out experience

– Serve Monday Night Meals once a month

– Serve weekly at church

– Serve once a month in office


Educational foundation for ministry

Foundation for Biblical literacy

Hands-on ministry training

Equipped for the work of the ministry


To train and equip people for the work of the ministry and to establish a firm foundation of God’s Word.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does CF-F cost?

CF-F cost $600 for the year and includes all six classes. Payment can be made quarterly of $200. Scholarships are available. Click here for more information.

Is in-person attendance required?

In-person attendance must make up 80% of your time at CF-F but you are able to login online and stream class 20% of the time if needed.

Is childcare available?

Childcare is not available at this time.