The Federal Way Day Center opened in December 2016. It provides a welcoming space to adults who are homeless and vulnerably housed. The Day Center offers showers, laundry, computers, phones, mail reception services, space for meal preparation, and access to health care and social services.

Areas where to serve:

– Hospitality station: hand out towels and toiletries to guests
– Kitchen area: help guests as needed/sign up guests for showers and restrooms
– Laundry area: sign up guests for laundry/ensure washers have appropriate loads/add detergent and check settings/monitor loads and inform guests when they can remove their laundry

As a Serve 1 team member, our goal is to assist with these services while also building relationships with the guests and staff.

Main Contacts:

Sue Drake | Volunteer Coordinator
(253) 740-9630

Tosi Fa’auaa
(253) 943-2421

Center Hours:

Monday to Friday | 10 am to 4 pm
Tuesday & Thursday | 4 pm to 7 pm (families only)

Volunteer Hours:

9:30 am to 1 pm | 1 pm to 3:30 pm | 4 pm to 7:30 pm