From Our Pastor

The most influential father figures and leaders in my life are black men. Julius Young led me to Christ and changed the trajectory of my life. Dr. Fred Price was my spiritual mentor and hero. He embraced me, honored me, and called me a pastor when many others turned away from me. And I am a proud father-in-law to my black son, Moses.

The racial climate in our world is bleak. It is sad and it is divided. I am grieved by the spirit of division that rips friendships and people apart in these times of severe tragedy. Racism is of the devil and we must stand against it.

Let’s continue to keep our hearts open to each other. Evaluate your thoughts and renew your mind where you see biases and fear creeping up. And use your voice with each other and in prayer.

Do not allow the enemy to blind your mind. His goal is division. His goal is hate. His goal is racism.

God’s goal is that we fight for each other, love, serve, lift up, stand together. Let’s live into that goal with all our heart and with all our mind and with all our strength.

Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove the good, perfect and acceptable will of God.”

Pastor Casey Treat

A Conversation: Race & Current Events

A conversation with some of the leaders in our church about race and current events. We hear you, we stand with you, we support you, and we love you. Black Lives Matter.

Keep the Conversation Going

We want to keep the conversation going on race and inequality in our community and we reached out to some of our church members on their life experiences. Here is the full interview. It is our hope that there is growth and understanding during these times as a church family. Engage and discuss with us together.

Keep the Conversation Going: Part 2

We have Part 2 of our conversations on race and current events. Pastor Casey sits with Bavan Holloway about privilege, world view, and so much more. Watch the full conversation right here and let’s grow in our understanding as a church family. Be engaged and join in the discussion with us.

Keep the Conversation Going: Tim Timberlake

“This isn’t an event that has happened to me the last three weeks, this has been my entire life. My hope is that we come together and unify to make humanity better.”

Pastor Casey Treat sits down with Pastor Tim Timberlake and has a conversation like no other. Tim’s insight and thoughts on today’s racial divide is phenomenal. Thanks for having the conversation with us Tim! Thank you for helping us as a church grow in understanding & awareness.

Keep the Conversation Going: Rev. Gregory Christopher

We have Special Guest Rev. Gregory Christopher, President of the NAACP Tacoma, with us. He joins us alongside our pastors & continue the Conversation on Race & Current events.

Keep the Conversation Going: Dr. Mike Freeman

The Conversation continues as Pastor Casey talks with Dr. Mike Freeman.