The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.

Matthew 20:28

YOU are extremely valuable to God! Think about it: The God of the Universe was so unsatisfied with having an estranged life with you that He sent His only Son to DIE…just so that YOU could be restored to Him! It’s an awesome thought that takes much time and meditation to actually wrap your mind and heart around it, but nonetheless, it is true.

So much of “religion” teaches us that we are not worthy, that we have to get ourselves together to receive from God, but that’s not the case. Before the world was saved, before any person could get himself together (as if that would’ve been possible anyway), Jesus came and died for all mankind. This thought can bring such relief to your soul because you can know that RIGHT NOW, you are enough. You will not be more worthy to God once you develop more spiritual maturity, or once you clean up your life, or once you give more to the church. You are enough today. He died for you before you did a thing for Him, and your value to Him does not depend on anything you will ever do or achieve in the future.

God paid a huge price for you and for me, and it’s important to remind ourselves of this on a regular basis. The spirit of the world is relentlessly impressing on us that we have to be “as good as…” or “as successful as…” or “as pretty as…” It’s a ploy of the enemy to keep us frustrated and feeling like we will never measure up to a standard that can never be attained. God is not asking YOU to measure up to anything. Just Be YOU. Embrace and accept who you are today. Sure, we all want to move forward and “be better.” Just make sure the image you are reaching for is who you are in Christ. There you will find your true value. There you will find rest.


Today, meditate on God’s love for you today. Not when you fix yourself, but His unconditional love for who you are today. Agree with that love and thank God for it.


Father, I believe You loved me and came for me, even before I could do anything to deserve it. Thank You for Jesus and the price He paid. I will live knowing all that You gave for me to be a part of your heart.