Cafe Lead, Federal Way (Full-Time)

Cafe Manager responsibilities include scheduling Dream Teamers shifts for different positions on the weekend and during special events. It includes monitoring daily expenses and revenues and ordering all supplies needed. To be successful in this role you should have work experience with various roles in coffee shops. Also, you should be available to work during opening hours, including weekend services.

Experience and Knowledge Required

  • Have good organizational Skills.
  • Customer Service
  • Operate the Espresso Machine

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Manage day-to-day operations of the café.
  • Daily cleanliness in the work area and the seating are
  • Recruit, schedule & train Dream Team
  • Coordinate with vendors and order supplies, as needed.
  • Maintain updated records of daily and monthly revenues and expenses.
  • Add and update menu as needed.
  • Ensure all café areas are clean and tidy.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Help with all events at the church.


  • Christ-like, servant attitude
  • Devoted to the call of God and the vision of Christian Faith
  • Operates with a spirit of excellence
  • Fun/enjoyable
  • Loyal
  • Organized and structured

Extent of Public Contact

  • Always be prepared to interact with everyone.
  • Be kind.

Physical Demands

  • Be physically healthy and Spiritually Health