Casey Treat’s Bio

In January 1980, with a group of 30 people, Pastors Casey & Wendy Treat started Christian Faith in Seattle, Washington. Today, Christian Faith is the largest church in the Pacific Northwest with more than 8,000 people attending weekly services at our three campuses: Federal Way, Mill Creek, and Online. In addition, Pastor Treat’s media ministries, Christian Faith International and the Christian Faith YouTube channel, have a worldwide outreach.

As a teenager, Casey Treat was involved with drugs and a worldly life. In 1974, at the age of 19, he entered a rehabilitation center. During his years there, he was born again and learned how to renew his mind through the Word of God. After receiving his Bachelor of Theology and getting married to Wendy, they launched Christian Faith.

Since then, Casey Treat has shared the straightforward message that God’s Word works. Through renewing of the mind to the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can each all live a victorious and prosperous Christian life here on this earth.

In 2009, Pastor Treat received an honorary doctorate degree from Hansel University in Seoul, South Korea (Dr. David Yonggi Cho & Dr. Kim Sunghae Cho), recognizing his accomplishments in the ministry for almost 30 year.

Casey Treat is a pastor, author and motivational speaker. He also hosts his own television program called Successful Living with Casey Treat. Traveling extensively each year, Pastor Treat speaks at many conventions and churches; his books and resources are distributed worldwide.

Pastor Treat resides in the Seattle area with Wendy and have 3 adult children.

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Wendy Treat’s Bio

Wendy Treat co-pastors with her husband, Casey, at Christian Faith Center, in the Seattle, Washington area. Wendy’s more than forty years of ministry, teaching, and living out the principles found in God’s Word, enable her to teach with humor, warmth and strength. Her message is always straightforward, extremely honest and will encourage you in your walk with Christ.

Wendy is a bestselling author of several books including, Shoes Wisely, Fulfilled and has co-authored Renewing the Mind 2 and Kingdom Culture with Casey.

Wendy is a wife, mother, grandmother, pastor, successful author, teacher, international conference speaker and mentor.

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