My home is Christian Faith Center and our message is “Be You”. It is not made up of one person alone, but a community of people that look, talk and live differently. Together we form a community of believers that are passionately seeking to live righteously and holy unto God. Together we embrace the message “Be You”. Live Christlike and worthy of His great calling. GOD IS STILL WRITING OUR STORY AND HE IS STILL WRITING YOURS! This message exists in one Man, Jesus God in human form, came to die for all sin past and present, and three days later overcame death so that we could share eternity with Him. In accepting and believing in this generous sacrifice, it is now the job of His church to spread the news that we no longer have to live this life burdened with weight of sin. We have a God who has washed us of our guilt and shame and we can arise anew in Christ. Christian Faith Center exists to champion this message; I exist to champion this message. – Tasha Masitha