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What A Price!


How many times throughout history has it been said, “Jesus died for your sins”?  How many times have you heard this in your own life?  We’ve probably all been informed of this fact over and over again, too many times to number.  Yet I wonder if we’ve even come close to grasping the reality of [...]

What A Price!2013-03-25T06:30:23-07:00

Daily Habits: The Key To Reaching A Goal


It’s amazing how much our daily habits affect our lives.  It usually isn’t the big things we do that determine the life we live and who we become.  More often it’s the small and seemingly insignificant choices we make and daily habits we have that really make the difference. A great way to get on [...]

Daily Habits: The Key To Reaching A Goal2013-03-18T05:22:24-07:00