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Can You Really Change The World?


You’ve most likely heard the motivational speaker who declares how you can change the world.  Several groups I’ve come across have called themselves “World Changers.”  A few years back a company advertised: “We don’t want to change the world: we just want to change your oil!”  Changing the world has been a theme that began [...]

Can You Really Change The World?2017-09-28T16:14:34-07:00

Serving Is No Accident


Did you ever stop to think that nobody serves God by accident?  Every day we each must make on-purpose choices and calculated decisions to follow God, His Word, and His ways. You can live the godly life you want to live if you’ll simply choose to do so.  Nobody else can choose this life for [...]

Serving Is No Accident2013-05-20T06:31:32-07:00

He Is Your Peace


As you live your life in this world of stress and anxiety, never forget that you have God Almighty ready to help you any time that you want His help.  Before He left the earth Jesus gave us this promise in John 14:27: “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And [...]

He Is Your Peace2013-05-06T13:15:19-07:00