Did you ever stop to think that nobody serves God by accident?  Every day we each must make on-purpose choices and calculated decisions to follow God, His Word, and His ways. You can live the godly life you want to live if you’ll simply choose to do so.  Nobody else can choose this life for you.  At the same time, nobody else can keep you from choosing this life for yourself.

Joshua, one of the great godly leaders of the Old Testament, said it like this: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (see Joshua 24:15).  With a purposeful decision on your part, you can make the tough and costly choices every day that will honor your Savior.

My desire for you is that, in every choice you make today, you’ll ask God for His wisdom and His strength to choose according to His will.  There’s nothing more rewarding than a life lived for God.  And this life can be yours if you choose it!