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Stepping Stones To Take You Higher


We all have to deal with challenges and difficulties on a regular basis.  Although the challenges we face are often similar to those faced by many others, we can clearly see that some people grow stronger and better through challenging times, while others grow weaker and bitter.  What is the reason for this? I believe [...]

Stepping Stones To Take You Higher2013-06-17T05:29:28-07:00

Wisdom Is Crying Out!


Wisdom!  The Bible tells us it’s the principle thing.  It tells us that with wisdom, we’ll have success; without it, we’ll fail.  The Bible exalts wisdom greatly and we’re told it’s more valuable than ANYTHING we can desire.  It also says if we lack wisdom, we can ask God in faith and He’ll give it [...]

Wisdom Is Crying Out!2013-06-03T05:21:03-07:00