This week we celebrate the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus. It’s beyond the understanding of many people as to why the God of the universe would come down to our little planet, go through the rejection & difficulty He went through, & in the end be put to death by those He came to help. There’s really only one reason I can come up with why God would go through all that. That reason is: YOU!

It’s apparent that God thinks quite highly of you. He places an incredible value & worth on your life. You have such a high place in His mind & in His heart that He even decided to sacrifice His own Son, so that He could adopt you as His child. In your years on earth, there have probably been some people who valued you & considered you important. But I’ll bet nobody has sacrificed so much to show their love for you as God has. & I know you haven’t loved anyone as much as God has. The fact you’re reading this tells me you haven’t physically sacrificed your life for someone else. Wow…what a love the Father must have for you!!

Next time you think nobody cares about you, remember the One who gave up everything so He could have a relationship with you. You are of great value to God, who is the only being who can give an accurate value of you. He created you & He alone knows what your worth. Based on what He was willing to pay for you, He believes you’re worth the life of His Son!

This weekend I hope you’ll take time to honor God by gathering with believers at a local church to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for you. I also hope you’ll celebrate the resurrection of Christ. We have Good Friday & Easter Sunday services at Christian Faith Center’s three campuses in the Northwest. Check out Easter for our weekend schedule.