One of the most incredible things about God is that He’s always available to us.  It would be amazing if a person were willing to come to our aid at any time of day.  So when we consider that the One who put our Solar System in place, as well as all the galaxies with their hundreds of trillions of stars, is ready and willing to help us whenever we call upon Him…Wow!!


We have this promise from God in 1 Peter 3:12: “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their prayers.”  When you call out to God, He never puts you on hold or forwards you to voice mail.  He doesn’t check caller ID to see if He feels like hearing from you.  His ears are open!  He’s always available, ready and willing to help anyone who calls out to Him.


Never try to handle life’s challenges on your own.  Don’t struggle alone in your human efforts to get through the difficulties that have come your way, as well as those you may be facing tomorrow.  Call out to the One who promises to hear, and who can bring strength to you that is far beyond anything you could ever experience on your own.  Give Him the opportunity to show you how good He really is!