It’s been said that the human body was not designed to carry the stresses and pressures that so many of us take on every day.  This may be a huge reason for the high amount of depression, anxiety, pain, and sickness we see all around us.  It may also be a major reason for the tremendous increase of over-the-counter and prescription drug use that has taken place over the past decade.  So one of two things is going on here: God did not create our bodies as they needed to be created, or we’re carrying things we shouldn’t be carrying.  One thing we know for sure: the problem is not with God or His creation!  So the problem must be with us.


So how do you “de-stress” so you can live in the peace God planned for you to line in?  The simple answer is found in 1 Peter 5:7: “Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.”  In other words, God can handle the worries and cares…but you can’t!  He’ll gladly take them from you, but He can only take what you willingly give to Him.  It’s time for you to put down that heavy load you’ve been trying to carry, and hand it off to the One who created you to live in peace.  If you’ll do this, you’ll experience a freedom and peace that only He can give. And without your own cares to trouble you, you’ll have more time to care for others who are in need!