Did you know that Jesus came to earth for our benefit?  He did!  There are many great benefits you & I enjoy because of God sending His Son. One of the greatest benefits Jesus brought to us is a clear understanding of who the Father is.  We now have a greater comprehension of what our Father in heaven is like, & this comes through the life & example of Jesus.

In the New Testament we’re told that Jesus’ coming gave us an unobstructed picture of God, something the Old Testament writers couldn’t fully give us (See Hebrews 1:1-4).  Just as we clearly see ourselves when we look into a mirror, so we see our Father when we look into Jesus.  Jesus is the perfect expression of the Father.   Hebrews 1:3 in the New Living Translation tells us, “The Son…expresses the very character of God.”

So what does God the Father do?  He heals the sick, forgives the sinner, provides for those in need, & has compassion for the hurting.  We know these are things the Father does because they are things Jesus did.  It’s actually quite simple.  If we try to figure out what God is like based on anything other than Jesus, we will most likely have a wrong understanding of Him.

We can also see what the Father is not into by seeing what Jesus was not into.  Jesus was not into religion.  He was not into condemning people.  He was into people having a relationship with God & an understanding of who God is.  Jesus summed it up well in John 14:9, where He said, “He who has seen Me has seen the Father.”

Take time today to read about Jesus.  God has given us four accounts of Christ’s life in the four gospels of the New Testament.  As you read, keep in mind that you’re getting a better picture of what the God of the universe is like.  He loves, He gives, & He cares.  That’s what our God is like!