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Are We Impressing Or Helping?


God has set us free from the bondage of fear and insecurity, but many of us still live bound in these things because we haven’t renewed our minds to what the Bible says. Many of our difficulties in these areas stem from our concern of what other people may think about us. Peer pressure can [...]

Are We Impressing Or Helping?2014-03-31T13:46:53-07:00

Jesus Part 1


Jesus is your Creator, Savior and Lord but He also wants to be your Friend.

Jesus Part 12014-03-29T22:00:00-07:00

Wednesday Night Bible Study


If we are going to be successful as Christians its because we are walking with Jesus. It is not going to be because we keep all the law and all the rule all the time. It's all because of our relationship with the Lord.

Wednesday Night Bible Study2014-03-25T22:00:00-07:00

Kong Hee Pt 1


Praise God in the fire. God will provide for every need.

Kong Hee Pt 12014-03-22T22:00:00-07:00

Wednesday Night Bible Study


Follow what God's word says not because you will go to hell but because it will make you a better christian.

Wednesday Night Bible Study2014-03-17T22:00:00-07:00

The Approaching Storm


We all face storms. A storm can come in many names, such as challenge, rejection, loss, lack, setback, layoff, sickness, difficulty, and so many more. The issue is not if a storm is coming your way. The issue is when the next storm will come. And an even bigger question for each of us to [...]

The Approaching Storm2014-03-17T13:46:44-07:00

Be You Pt 6


Does the flesh run you or does the spirit run you?

Be You Pt 62014-03-15T22:00:00-07:00