Have you ever considered that praise and worship may be our highest expression of faith in God?  When we make a choice to praise God at all times, especially in the midst of difficult circumstances, we are truly showing the level of trust we have in Him.  God’s Word tells us that faith without action is dead (see James 2:17).  When we have a faith in God on the inside that is expressed in our outward actions, we prove that our faith is alive and real.  When God sees this kind of faith, He knows we’re serious about His ability to work in our lives.

I encourage you to make praise and worship to God a priority every day.  As the storms of life come your way, don’t focus on how big the storms are.  Focus on how big your God is!  Consider how qualified and able He is to carry you through the challenges you face.  There’s nothing that’s going to happen to you today that you and God won’t be able to handle.  As the writer of Psalm 118:24 said, “This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”  If you’ll respond to difficult times in this way, you’ll not only get through those times but you’ll also be stronger when you come out on the other side!