Do you think you’re smarter than God?  I suppose none of us would be so arrogant to say we think we’re smarter than the Creator of everything…but I wonder if we don’t all think that at times.

Consider this: Anytime we know what the Bible says about something but we don’t do what it says, at that moment we must think we have more understanding and wisdom than God Himself.  For example, the Bible tells us to treat our spouse and children with love and respect.  Whenever you or I don’t treat our family members as God instructs us to, we’re basically saying that our way is better.  We are “more right” than God.  We probably wouldn’t say this out loud but it’s what we’re communicating by our actions.  The same is true of how we treat people we don’t care for, what we do with our money, our level of concern for those in need, and every other area of life that the Bible addresses.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned over the decades I’ve been saved is that God is smarter than me!  Even if we took all of the wisdom that every human has ever amassed and combined it all together, it wouldn’t come close to comparing with the wisdom of God alone.  God knows some stuff!!  We will all do well to follow His counsel.