If you believe that lasting change in your life is going to come from a politician, a religious leader, or any other person in authority, you’re setting yourself up for a big letdown.  Although people around you can influence your life for good or bad, the only person that can really bring lasting change to you is YOU!

The Bible tells us that it’s through renewing our minds, or changing the way we think, that true change can be a part of our lives (see Romans 12:2).  Change on the outside always starts with change on the inside.  You never do anything without first thinking about doing it.  It’s like the computer term “garbage in, garbage out”.  If the majority of your thinking is negative, you’ll do negative things and make negative decisions.  If the majority of your thoughts are positive, you’ll do positive things and making positive decisions.

Don’t leave your destiny in the hands of others.  The decisions other people make may affect you but they won’t bring you into the fulfilled life God wants you to have.  Think thoughts that come from God, thoughts from the Bible, thoughts that empower you and give you a greater confidence in God.  He’s already given you everything you need to become who He wants you go be.  Use these tools to become more like Jesus every day!