Where Is He Among Your Décor?


The birth of Christ. It’s possibly the most discussed event in human history, as well as one of the most controversial. Some would call it a farce; others have vowed to live their lives proclaiming it. Some would refer to it as a fairy tale; others have literally given their lives defending it. It’s celebrated [...]

Where Is He Among Your Décor?2017-09-28T16:14:05-07:00

Christmas: A Story Of The Impossible


There are many practical applications we find that can help our lives as we read the biblical account of the Christmas story. One is found in the first chapter of Luke, when the angel Gabriel appears to Mary to tell her that she will be giving birth to the Son of God. Mary’s response in [...]

Christmas: A Story Of The Impossible2014-12-22T08:40:35-08:00

He Did It All For You


This week we celebrate the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus. It’s beyond the understanding of many people as to why the God of the universe would come down to our little planet, go through the rejection & difficulty He went through, & in the end be put to death by those He came to [...]

He Did It All For You2017-09-28T16:14:09-07:00