We’re still a couple of months away from the United States presidential election.  Over the upcoming weeks we’ll hear a lot of talk about the candidates.  There will media opinions voiced on just about every news show.  We’ll see TV ads and hear radio ads about how good one candidate is and how bad the other is (and this will come from all political parties, especially the big two).  The candidates will debate, people will discuss, and polls will rate.  In the end, America will choose one person they will call “Mr. President” for the next four years.

While the upcoming election is very important, be sure to keep in mind that, as a believer in Jesus, you’ve already chosen your Leader.  The word “Lord” means “One supreme in authority.”  When you confessed Jesus as your Lord, you put Him in charge.  You gave Him His proper place of authority in your life.  No person can or should ever fill that role of leadership for you.  He’s your King, your Lord, and the One who presides over your ways.  He really is your President.

Those who serve God have a responsibility to cast their vote.  We are to do what we can to help elect into office those who will lead our nation toward godliness.  But whether our next president is a Democrat, a Republican, or something else, it doesn’t alter our lives.  We stay focused and committed to Jesus.  We know that He can be trusted and that we can confidently follow His leadership.