One of the greatest aspects of God is His unchangeableness.  We’ve all known people who we trusted one day and who then turned on us the next day.  Right now we’re in the midst of an economy that is unstable and changing every day.  The weather will change, our health will change, our relationships will change…very few things on this earth stay the same.

But God is always consistent!  The Bible says He’s always the same, He never changes (See Hebrews 13:8).  What a comfort it is that we can come to God at any time and we know He’ll always respond with open arms, mercy, compassion, and love toward us.  We find stability in our relationship with God that we’ll never find anywhere else.

God’s faithfulness toward you and commitment to work in your life is as strong now as it’s ever been.  No matter what you’ve done, He’s ready to give you a fresh start and to take you forward in life.  You may have left Him but He’s never left you.  This is a great day to fully surrender to Him and to what He wants to do in your life!