Have you ever experienced frustration as you’ve waited for your computer to open a document or connect to a website?  I have.  I’m one who likes to see most things get done in less time than it’s probably going to take.  I suppose it’s an American mindset.  We want fast food, quick oil changes, drive-up banking, 3-minute workouts, and lightning-speed internet connections.  We see these as conveniences we’ve attained due to our high-paced, highly productive society.

Some time ago I heard from a pastor who had returned from ministering in a county that was in great poverty.  He said as he stood in the midst of people who had few possessions, no conveniences, and weren’t sure where their next meal was coming from, he was “oddly jealous” at the amount of joy and contentment exuding from them.  They didn’t know what they were missing in life…and they really didn’t seem to care!  They had no internet to connect to, not bank to drive up to, and no food to pop in the microwave.  Yet most had a bigger smile on their face than this pastor had seen on anyone in a long time!

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, let’s purposely take time to look at all we have to be thankful for.  It’s far more than the many modern conveniences that are supposed to make our life easier.  Let’s be thankful for the beautiful creation around us, the clean food and water available to us, the friends & family we’re blessed with, and the gifts God has uniquely placed in each of us.  Above all else, let’s thank God for sending His Son and giving us the opportunity to have an eternal relationship with Him.

I pray your Thanksgiving is truly blessed!