In my last entry I wrote about how your view of life will greatly affect the way you live and the level of fulfillment you experience.  How you process the things that take place around you influences the everyday choices you make.  This alone should motivate us to see life as God sees it, and to seek after God’s best in the daily decisions we face.

Along with the effect our choices have on our own lives, it’s also vital to understand that others around us, especially those we are closest to and love the most, may also be greatly influenced and affected by our choices. Like a stone that’s thrown into a lake has ripples that will eventually reach all shores, the ripples of your choices will reach far beyond your own life.

The Bible calls King David a man after God’s heart (see Acts 13:22).  But David made several choices along the way that were contrary to God’s will for his life.  Not only did David have to face great challenges due to these poor choices, but we also see that his children, grandchildren, and many future generations after him paid a price for what he did.

As you are faced which choices this week, value yourself enough to choose God’s way in every decision you make.  In addition to valuing yourself, make godly choices because of the value you place on your family, your friends, and every person your choices may influence.  At the end of it all, the life we each live is a summation of all of the choices we made along the way.  And those choices influence others, which affects the choices they make.  This week remember to choose wisely!