What Kind Of Day Will It Be?


What kind of a day are you going to have today?  If asked this question first thing in the morning, many of us might respond, “I hope it’s a good day but we’ll see how things go.”  Yet God suggests a different response from us.   In Psalm 18:24 David writes, “This is the day [...]

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He’s The God Of A Fresh Start


One of the most difficult people to keep a relationship with is someone who holds on to your past.  When someone close to you doesn’t forgive you for previous mistakes you’ve made or reminds you of your past failures, it makes things very difficult for you.  It can bring condemnation to your life, resulting in [...]

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You Put That Down!


It’s been said that the human body was not designed to carry the stresses and pressures that so many of us take on every day.  This may be a huge reason for the high amount of depression, anxiety, pain, and sickness we see all around us.  It may also be a major reason for the [...]

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Let’s Detox Our Lives This Year


For the past several weeks I’ve been teaching a series of lessons at our weekend church services called “Detoxing Your Soul.” As you’re probably aware, it’s quite popular right now to go on a detox. One type of detox is for the body, where the goal is to flush out the bad things that affect [...]

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You Can Change


Several decades ago at the age of 19, I walked into a drug rehab facility where I was going to spend the next few years of my life. The program director, Julius Young, said something to me in those first few days that changed my life forever. After spending some time talking with him and [...]

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